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Ludeman Insulation Energy Appraisal Program

Ludeman Insulation & Supply, Inc. can provide your company or plant with a low cost, in depth energy appraisal. Once your facility has been appraised by one of our NIA certified appraisers you will be presented with detailed information on how your current system is operating: specifically, heat loss, BTU loss, and actual dollar loss per year. Your customized appraisal will quickly show you a low cost opportunity for energy savings, reductions in utility costs, reductions in greenhouse gases, and include the payback period in both short and long-term savings. An Insulation Energy Appraisal quantifies the amount of energy and actual dollars an industrial facility is losing with the current in-place insulation system-and demonstrates how a more efficient system could:

  • Save millons to billions of BTU.
  • Improve process control and efficiency.
  • Reduce fuel bills.
  • Contribute to a cleaner environment through the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere.

What Exactly is an Energy Appraisal?

An insulation energy appraisal puts actual dollar savings to Btu losses and calculates greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2, NOx and CE (Carbon Equivalent). An appraisal is based on data supplied by a plant/energy manager and gathered during a facility walk-through. This data is fed to a computer which calculates the energy used and the savings on any operating period or annual basis. This data is invaluable for companies that want to make sound decisions about a technology that offers tremendous payback over the life of their facilities.

Goal of an Energy Appraisal

The overall goal is to communicate the message that insulation is a powerful and inexpensive way to save tremendous amounts of energy and to promote the value of insulation performance in dollars, environmental savings, and energy reduction. According to William Pitkin, Executive Vice President of NIA, "An Insulation Energy Appraisal Program (IEAP) can show industry how to significantly reduce energy costs and environmental impact. Managers can utilize the data from the appraisal to make sound business decisions regarding insulation that will have significant payback for the life of their facility. The eventual benefit of this program will be reduced energy consumption for the energy user."

Consider This

As an example on how much energy the application of insulation can save you consider a 4" steam line running at 350 degrees (F) and the ambient temperature is 75 degrees. Maybe you have this very situation in your own facility. If you leave only ONE FOOT of this system bare you lose almost 7,500,000 BTUs per year. After installing only two inches of fiberglass insulation with an all service jacket your loss drops to under 600,000 Btu per year and it reduces the surface temperature to around 95 degrees, well within safety limits. Now ask yourself, how many flanges, valves, strainers or elbows do you have exposed? Once insulated, your facility could experience some serious savings, economic and environmental!

Water Piping

Insulated chilled water piping down to four chilled water pumps. Pumps are insulated with Armaflex sheets.

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