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Our full service fabrication shop can save you valuable field time by cutting and rolling metal jacket to size, eliminating the need for field cutting. Ludeman Insulation & Supply, Inc. can accomodate many types of aluminum or stainless steel, smooth, stucco, corrugated, or even painted, whichever you need! We can also fabricate banding material cut to length to secure your metal jacketing in place. Stainless bands, blue bands, red bands, in several different widths to suit your needs. Don't forget end caps, elbows, tees and valve covers to complete your metal project.

Removable Pads

Ludeman Insulation & Supply, Inc. can fabricate removable pads for almost any application. There is no reason to leave valves, flanges, or any fitting exposed for maintenance when a removable pad can be removed and reused with little effort. Especially critical on steam lines, removable pads can provide enormous energy savings while allowing easy access for your maintenance team. Ludeman's removable pads can be created with numerous jackets to suit the type of environment it will be installed in. Pads can be fabricated in a variety of colors, with different insulation materials, with stainless tie wire or velcro straps, even made with sewn seams or hog ringed seams. Almost any combination is possible and we can always recommend a pad designed for your particular installation.

Insulation 90s, 45s, Valves and Tees

Maintaining high productivity on any project is critical to its success. Save every man hour possible when you have Ludeman Insulation & Supply, Inc. fabricate 90s, 45s, valves, tees, or other fittings. Hand fabrication in the field is time consuming and expensive. Ludeman's fabrication shop has all the tools and instruments needed to quickly assemble fittings for any project in a variety of materials including, fiberglass, calcium silicate, foamglas, poly iso, styrofoam, and even elastomeric.

Storage Tank

A small storage tank that was insulated at the customer's facility. After being delivered to the project site, the tank will then be set upright and installed vertically.

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