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Water Pipes

Commercial Insulation

Schools, hospitals, universities, office buildings, data centers, warehousing, and everything in between. Insulation also plays a vital role in these types of applications by keeping energy costs down and condensation at bay. Ludeman has installed millions of feet of pipe insulation and duct insulation over the years. When USD #259 in Wichita, KS issued a $250 million bond Ludeman Insulation & Supply, Inc. was the insulation company of choice on some of the biggest schools in the city. Each school averaged over 40,000 feet of pipe and tens of thousands of square feet of duct insulation. Schedules were fast tracked because each school remained operational during construction. Ludeman has the skills and experience to handle these types of projects and more.


Top of a 100' vessel. (setting horizontal for insulation installation) Smooth metal gores were custom made for this application. Ludeman's skilled craftsmen were able to complete the project under a compressed time frame for quick shipment.

Fire Protection

Restaurants, retirement homes, dorms, university cafeterias. Each of these typically requires exhaust for the kitchen friers and ovens. To achieve a fire rating and to pass inspection turn to Ludeman Insulation & Supply, Inc. We've installed tens of thousands of square feet of high temperature blanket (firewrap) and are more than familiar with city code requirements. Our firewrap systems are installed tight to the duct and are zero clearance to combustible rated. Unlike a sheetrock enclosure, firewrap does not require any clearance between the duct and the firewrap, reducing the amount of space required for the entire installation. Installing PVC in a return air plenum? We can help you too, we have several different applications that will function perfectly in such an application.

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